Are You Experiencing Neck Pain From Spending Too Much Time Looking at Your Electronic Device?

Anyone who watches the news, or has teenagers, has likely heard about the problems that can arise from text neck. Similar to many neck pain issues, this affliction is treatable and preventable with just a few changes to practices and postures. The team at Vitality Spine and Health in Broomfield is here to provide treatment for anyone in need of a chiropractor. Neck pain from using electronic devices is becoming more and more common, but it doesn’t need to affect you or your family.

Helpful Information and Advice from Our Chiropractor

Our Broomfield chiropractor is happy to answer some commonly asked questions about text neck.

What Are The Causes of Text Neck?

Rounded shoulders, a drooping head, and poor posture are the main contributors of text neck. Tilting the head forward adds force to the neck, causing a stiff neck, radiating pain, ad headaches. Try to be more aware of your body’s position while you are typing or looking at your phone.

How Can I Prevent Neck Pain From Text Neck?

Practice good posture when using your phone or other small devices. Use your arms to hold the device at eye level. Rather than hanging your head down, tuck your chin into your chest to reduce neck strain. Make sure to keep your shoulders and back straight. Set a timer to steadily decrease the amount of time you spend on your phone.

What Therapeutic Stretches Can I Do?

Try squeezing a stress ball throughout the day for 30-second intervals on each hand to alleviate the tension that can develop in your hands. Chest stretches are also helpful at combating hunching. Stand with your arms by your side and your back straight, and rotate your forearms so that your thumbs are pointing to the wall behind you.

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