Back to School Tips for Overall Chiropractic Health

From elementary to college, students are heading back to school, and that means ensuring back pain isn’t an issue and fewer visits to the chiropractor. Because Broomfield students spend many hours at school, that leaves no time for back pain. Following these simple tips will help with their overall chiropractic health.

1: Correct Backpack Use for Chiropractic Care

It isn’t uncommon to worry about the weight of your backpack. Especially if you’re carrying a lot of books daily. Backpack weight is a common issue among students. Its weight should be no more than 10 to 20 percent of a student’s total body weight. Therefore, the backpack weight is going to vary for every student. How you wear a backpack is also a factor. It may look cool to sling backpacks over one shoulder, but this isn’t optimal. Make sure you’re using both straps, they fit snuggly over your shoulders, and that the backpack doesn’t fall below your belt line.

2: Use Proper Reading Posture

How a student sits while reading books, from tablets, or when using their phone is critical regarding back pain. While the use of tablets is excellent scholastically and regarding backpack weight, new problems arise. Staring at the screen all day causes poor posture. Keep the tablet or textbook at a tilt toward you. That way, your head isn’t tilting over your shoulders. Many students are receiving chiropractic care due to posture issues.

3: Have Proper Sitting Posture

Both of your feet must be flat on the floor when sitting at your desk at school. Your shoulders should be back. Then, keep your head over your neck and shoulders. It’s habitual for students to slouch when sitting. Instead, they should be naturally keeping their back up against the back of their chair. When in the sitting position, make sure you’re not leaning too far forward. Otherwise, you or your student may find themselves visiting the chiropractor more often.

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