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Dr. Nicholas Manteris

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Manteris is a great chiropractor. No need to look else where. He is personable and listens to your needs and concerns. He significantly helped me with my mid back pain.
Last but not least, Lulu is the most friendly and professional office manager. She truly gets to know the clients and always has a great smile on her face! She is extremely helpful!

Kylie N.

Nick and his staff are phenomenal. Nick is friendly, personable, and looks to help you customize your treatment plan to your needs. Lulu, who works the front desk, is always very friendly and makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. Nick has helped my wife and I tremendously and I’m glad to continue using Nick as my family chiropractor.

Jared N.

Best in the biz. Don’t want to get fixed? This isn’t the place for you. Want things sugar coated or lied to? This place isn’t for you. I came in expecting a salesman instead of a doctor who actually cares. Fixed thing’s I didn’t even know we’re tweaked. Super knowledgeable, but that’s kind of expected since they’re messing with your spine. If you’re skeptical then just try them out. I’ve been to a few chiropractors in my life, and Vitality has taken the most time to get to know me instead of just twisting me into a pretzel and telling me to come back for the rest of my life. I was skeptical too but they proved me wrong. Give it a shot.


There aren’t enough words to leave a just review. My sister and her boyfriend come here consistently. I went due to a roll over car accident. Could not have asked for a better experience. I feel honored just to have been able to go here as a patient. I’ve never felt so cared for by a medical professional in my life.

Ian S.

I’ve seen chiropractors for years and experienced a few different approaches. The approach and treatment you get here is fantastic, quick, and very functional. And if he doesn’t have equipment/can’t treat something (which is very rare), he will refer you to someone who can. Very affordable too. Highly recommend. 🙂

Matt W.

There aren’t enough words to describe how immediately welcomed you feel when you walk in! I was a previous patient and for personal reasons had to take a break due to time mostly. So first time meeting Lulu and she’s already amazing, and Dr. Nick made me feel like I’d never left. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. And I don’t live far, but I do pass at least 2 other chiropractic offices to get there. 😉

Amy S.

He took the time to do a detailed and complete adjustment with great expalination of why and what he was doing. i have been to many chiropractors over the years and this was the top notch experience.

Brandon W.

A great place have been going for a year now would be lost without them solid work

John C.

Doc will help you figure out whats wrong with you and has a plethora of knowledge for being relatively young compared to his peers. He doesn’t push anything on you like supplements or tests and he’s extremely flexible with appointment times. Lulu on the other hand is a Queen and extremely helpful when arranging appointments and sorting through payment options. The place would truly fall apart without her.

Kevin J.

Dr. Manteris worked me into the schedule very quickly on short notice. The staff was extremely friendly. The adjustment wasn’t generic, but tailored to my needs. This office is technologically advanced and we’ll set up. I’ll definitely be going back.

Jess F. & Barrel H.

Every time I walk out of there I feel happier and healthier than when I walked in! They are awesome!!!

Heidi W.

Dr. M is soooo awesome. I originally started with him through an accident. Since then he keeps me and my daughter great! Don’t know the whole insurance thing. Wish they accepted. I use to pay $20 for myself and my daughter. Now I pay $110 per visit. So it limits my visit. Overall great ambiance. Staff and the work is amazing.

Taryn J.

This was my first time ever going to a chiropractor I was very scared and nervous Lulu she calms me down and very kind they’re very very gentle kind understanding patient I love this place would recommend it to everyone

Barbara W.

Very Personable! Like having a mini family and friends you can joke and laugh with. Professional but not uptight. I will miss them when my treatment is up.

B. Peach D.

Dr M is the best. He asks each time what needs his attention and tailors your treatment for that specifically rather than cook-booking it. He and Lulu both make you feel cared for as an individual and not just a patient.

Bean T.

Dr Manteris has been unbelievably helpful in both my recovery treatments and documentation from the injuries I sustained in an auto accident. I can’t recommend him highly enough! He, Lulu and Erin have been amazing!

B B.

I have suffered from chronic headaches all of my life that grew progressively worse as I got older. Dr. Nick Manteris has given me a near headache free life that I never knew was a possibility. I highly recommend paying him a visit.

Morgan M.

I originally choose to check out this place since it was close to work. I could not be more happy! Dr M is truly a wonderful listener and honestly cares about his patients (and their families!). Wendy did a visit at my work and her friendly approach and professionalism drew me in. Lulu is the epiphany of what every business should strive for -the wonderful smile each day you walk in! The adjustments have helped me tremendously. It’s more than worth my drive from Littleton! If you want an honest, no hassle and non-pushy chiropractor that cares about you as a person, you have to go here! You won’t regret it!

Nikki B.

I have been under Dr. M’s care for over 2.5 years. I couldn’t recommend him enough. I will never go to another chiropractor ever again. The amount of time and individual care that he provides to each person is amazing. He actually CARES about your well being and goes the extra mile. He does more than just “pops your back”, he adjusts you, works on health plans, helps with one off sore spots etc. He truly is one of a kind. I have been going to chiro since I was 18 and I have never felt more welcome and cared about and so much better after my adjustment. I live 30 miles from his office and I will continue to go to him 2x a week, and I suggest you do too! And LuLu…. I also cannot say enough great things about her. Wendy and Delilah are amazing as well. I also just love the new updates to the office!

Felicia F.

Dr. Manteris has been nothing short of amazing in my time as one of his patients. He genuinely cares about getting you in good health and gets to the source of your problem. Lulu at the front desk is so welcoming and friendly. Overall great staff and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for all you do Dr. M!

Erin Burke

This is the best chiropractic office I have been to – if you are looking for good care, look no further! Amazing service, friendly and I always walk out feeling better and more educated about my body.

Rebecca H.

Doc is the best. Always has a great attitude and really cares about treating the issues and not just the symptoms. I also have to mention the best medical office manager in the world… Lulu! She makes it a joy to come to the office every time. Im almost done with my treatment and I have to say I will miss going to this place.

Devon P.

Dr. Manteris is so committed to helping you resolve whatever issues you are having. He understands the body and works with you to help you become pain free and healthy!

Gaye W.

Dr. Manteris and his team are so helpful and kind. They really make you feel welcome. Our whole family is treated at this office. My children have had immense results. I really love the no-pressure atmosphere.

Nikki C.

I am so grateful to Dr. Nick. Not only is he an incredible chiropractor, he is one of the nicest and most genuine people you will meet. He cares so deeply about his patients and their health. I highly recommend Discover Health!

Donny S.

Dr. M is the man! My first visit was my first time ever going to a Chiropractor. I was nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect. Dr. M took the time to really explain everything and make me feel comfortable. I have since had several more adjustments and feel much better. I can tell he really studied the human body and knows what he is doing. I really get the feeling that he truly cares about his patience and their health. He has helped me more than any family practice doctor I have ever been to. I strongly suggest if you have back or neck pain, just go talk to Dr. M. He is a super nice guy and easy to talk to.

Rob S.

Dr. Manteris was and still is the key to my recovery. I would absolutely recommend seeking treatment from him and his staff. They’ve been accommodating and beyond pleasant to work with.

Matt J.

I hit the jackpot when I found Dr Manteris at Vitality Spine and Health! Excellent chiropractor, that loves what he does and always gives excellent care! 5 stars every time!

Michelle S.

Dr. Manteris is amazing! I have been seeing him for over 2 years even though I moved 20 miles away. He never fails to brighten my day and releive my back pain. I highly recommend him and his receptionist Lulu who is so accommodating and caring.

Suzanne B.

Dr. Manteris is very friendly and excited about helping people. He is a very skilled adjustor.

Zac L.

Dr. Manteris is the best. He is personable but also full of knowledge. I have been seeing him for almost 2 years now and my body has never felt better. He has also worked on my son and made a huge impact on him as well. He truly cares about his patients and it shows.

Evelyn T.

Thanks so much Doc!!! Amazing adjustment and feel so much better today!! Highly recommended to you and staff is amazing!! Keep up the great job!!!

Steve D.

Dr. Manteris and Lulu are the most amazing medical proffprofessi I have ever met they are so welcoming and upbeat but most of all they care I had several neck and shoulder pain due to hiking and after just 4 visits the pain was almost completely gone. They took the time to help me understand exactly what was going on and the best course of action, and they worked with me financially in a way that made me realize they really do care about my health and love to heal. Thank you so much Dr.M and Lulu you are truly amazing people. If your reading this stop here and make an appointment 😁

Paul C.

I was amazed at the amount of pain relief I had after just one visit. Dr. Nick is truly dedicated to helping his patients!

Kathryn K.

I had an incredible experience here! I fell on my neck years ago and could never get my pain and spasms to go away, I decided to try chiropractic care and it seriously changed my life. Dr. Manteris is genuine, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping people. Thank you for changing my life 😊

Emily J.

Went to Dr Manteris with a crippling lower back injury from jiu jitsu/ military training. Within 3 months of weekly work, I am back to 99% of what I was prior to the injury (I only noticed it now after long flights). He uses a scientific approach and tracks progress with x-rays. Would highly recommend his services.

Carter K.

Hands down the best chiropractor I’ve been to!

Noah M.

I couldn’t speak any more highly of Dr. Manteris and his team. Every friend I send their way- 100% of the time- call me and are wowed too! They certainly know how to make you feel comfortable, supported and on the road to whatever recovery you might need! I trust them fully! You’re treated like family your first appt!

Cassandra C.

Amazing team and great experience!!
So glad I went in!!

Brenda M.

I get exceptional care with Dr. Nich Manteris. He is very attentive to my needs and does a complete evaluation and adjustment each time I’m in. I feel heard and very well taken care of in this office! His staff is amazing as well. Jen B. Broomfield CO

Jen B.

AWESOME Service… AMAZING knowledge… EXTREEMLY Friendly… I would HIGHLY RECOMEND These people!!!

Joe R.

Dr. Manteris and his team are wonderful!! I’ve been going to him for about 2 years now and I always leave feeling better than before I went in!! He’s wonderful to work with and such a funny dude Haha!! It’s why I travel from Littleton to see him which is a 45 minute to an hour drive!

Yvonne D.

Dr M is awesome! Thanks for the help with my neck and the referral to help with my hips, I am so grateful for everything you have done for me!

Rich S.

Dr. Manteris was very thorough in assessing my issue, and conservative in his methods of treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and family who needed a chiropractic consult or treatment.

David B.

Dr. Manteris is a fantastic doc. He is always attentive, thorough and caring. I strongly recommend him!

Pam A.

Great people!


The short version is that Dr. Manteris and his staff are incredible and go above and beyond with their care, kindness, and knowledge. I never thought I’d be a believer in chiropractic care, but I now have my quality of life back thanks to Dr. Manteris. He’s very knowledgeable about the body, body mechanics, exercise, and nutrition, and he and his staff are all so very kind and friendly.

And here’s the long version. I like to get personal so here you go:

I had overstrained my back and neck to the point of constant pain and nearly complete inability to move my neck. For several months I couldn’t bend my head back to look up, couldn’t turn my head around while backing up my car, had to give up on a lot of activities, couldn’t play my guitar or do other hobbies, and was taking sleeping pills because the constant pain made it difficult to sleep for very long. I was miserable. My family doc said it was arthritis, strain, and stress and that I just needed to rest.

My neighbor recommended Dr. Manteris and said he was excellent and so very kind, but I told her I was terrified of the idea of seeing a chiropractor because of a bad experience with a doctor once who “cracked” me without my permission and ended up giving me an instant migraine.

But my neighbor talked so highly about Dr. Manteris and she promised he wouldn’t crack me if I didn’t want him to. When I called the office Lulu was so sweet spending several minutes on the phone just reassuring me that Dr. Manteris won’t crack me and could help me without needing to do that. After she scheduled an appointment for me, he called me back because he overheard our conversation and he wanted to reassure me himself that he would never hurt me and that he definitely could help, and that he would never do a surprise cracking like that one doc had done.

At my consult he showed me on my x-rays what was wrong and why I was prone to migraines, strain, and neck and back pain. Other doctors had said I had arthritis, sciatica, and scoliosis which I went to physical therapy for in the past, so I was surprised to find out all that was wrong. I had no idea I’d been getting the wrong diagnoses from these other docs who aren’t chiropractors!

Within a month my neck pain was gone and I had nearly my full range of motion back. And I definitely have my quality of life back. And yes, he didn’t even have to crack me! I have brought my daughter to see him for neck and back pain so that shows you my level of trust of him. She actually wasn’t afraid of getting spinal manipulation and she tolerated it so easily, and had so much relief after only three visits.

I couldn’t be happier!

Well maybe I could be, if I was super rich and didn’t have to work.

Vicky S.

So glad to have found Discover Health & Wellness in Broomfield. The entire staff is very helpful and caring. I originally went in for chronic low back pain, and after working with Dr. Manteris for just a couple weeks, my pain has significantly diminished and my energy levels have increased. I only wish I had gone in sooner!

J. H.

Seriously amazing! Thank you!

Logan C.

Dr Manteris is the best chiropractor I have been to, and there have been a lot! Not only is he amazing at extremely knowledgeable abut chiropractic care but the staff is also very welcoming and friendly. I love getting my weekly adjustments and would recommend him to anyone in need of care!

Michelle M.

Dr Manteris has been great! I went in with lower back issues so bad I had trouble standing up after sitting for an extended amount of time. My back has felt great since the first visit and continues to feel good! Plus Dallas at the desk is super nice and helpful whenever I go in. I highly recommend the services Dr Manteris offers!

Derek D.

Dr. Manteris is hands down the most knowledgeable chiropractor I’ve ever been to. From spine to muscles to exercise and even nutrition, he’s the best. He had me going from walking in like an old man to wanting to run a marathon. Highly recommended!!!

Robert W.

Dr. Manteris is AWESOME! I’ve been to 3 different chiropractors in Broomfield and my experience with Dr. Manteris has by far been the best making my back feel great. Fun friendly staff and a wealth of knowledge keeps me coming back to him for all my chiro needs.

Josh E.

The doctor got me feeling brand new

Stephen K.

I had a back injury that has been painful for over a year and been seen by two other Chiropracter’s but was only getting a temporary fix. With Dr. Nick I have had long lasting results and have been able to do exercises that I normally could not do due to pain.
I recommend him to everyone I know!!!

Amy R.

Dr. Manteris is the best in town!!! Will definitely be recommending! I suffered from migraines and upper back pain for months, after leaving I felt better than ever! Migraines have significantly lessened and no longer have upper back pain.

Cheyenne R.

Dr. Hall is awesome. Great customer care and service.

Amanda V.

Great staff and very helpful. Dr. Manteris knows what he’s doing.

Brian T.

I would highly recommend going to Dr. Manteris, every single visit I have had has been excellent, informative and very pleasant!

Sarah F.

Dr. Manteris is an amazing chiropractor! He’s very friendly and makes first-timers feel at home.

Sasha K.

Dr. Manteris is the first chiropractor I’ve ever been to, and it has been a great experience!

Ben F.

Absolutely amazing! For years I had back pain and now it’s gone.

Chaney S.

Dr. Nick is amazing and I highly recommend him and his team! He is patient, caring and takes the time to thoroughly explain everything.

Kim A.

Dr. Manteris is a great doc! I highly recommend him!

Danika G.

Dr. Manteris, you are one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. I think you’re a great chiropractor for fixing my pain, giving me my life back, and obviously making a believer out of me for how necessary and important chiropractic work is! On top of that you’re also just a helluva nice guy. You really put the personal touch into your work, and you care so much, and it shows. Thanks for going above and beyond in what you do and what you believe in. And Lulu, you’re a peach! I wish you great success – you deserve it!

Vicky S.

Gentle, thorough, patient, kind, and genuine. Best adjustments I have ever had!

Kaley L.

I absolutely LOVE going to Dr. M for adjustments! I’ve been going to Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield for over a year now. Every visit is completely worth it! His work has helped me be a healthier and happier person and I can’t thank Dr M enough! He’s simply just the greatest and warmest doctor I’ve ever been to and never pressures you into something you don’t want. And Lulu at the desk makes the office even better 🙂 Thanks everyone at Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield!

Emmalee L

I would highly recommend going to Dr. Manteris, every single visit I have had has been excellent, informative and very pleasant!

Sarah F.

Dr. Nick is highly skilled and passionate about helping humanity. After a long trip to Dallas I began developing uncontrollable eye twitching from the plane ride and Dr. Nick was able to totally resolve that problem.

Miles F.

Dr. Manteris is the real deal, folks! First adjustment and pain gone in shoulder and knee. A MUST to visit on your list!!! Seriously!!

Elizabeth W.

Dr. Manteris is absolutely amazing! You can tell how much he cares about his patients and he puts that care into the incredible work that he does. I have been adjusted hundreds of times and by far Dr. Manteris’s adjustment was one of the best I have ever received. If you are considering care, I can’t recommend him enough. He is incredibly kind and welcoming and his staff are wonderful. The experience I had at his office was second to none and I left feeling better than I had felt in a long time.

Alisha B.

This office is so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Manteris has helped my whole family tremendously. I love the no-pressure atmosphere where you feel like they just want to help you in any way they can.

Nikki C.

Dr Manteris and the staff are so great! I always feel great leaving the office. Thanks for helping me get out of pain!!!

Rich S.

The team is always super kind and welcoming! They worked with me on pricing and insurance. Every visit is a great one!

Jordan K.

I cannot say enough about the staff and level of care at Discover Broomfield. They are always caring and attentive to the needs of every patient. Great communication, clear expectations set up at the beginning of treatment series, and overall just a great practice.

Kelly L.