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Chiropractic Adjustment at Broomfield Spine + Injury

Chiropractic Adjustment Broomfield

At Broomfield Spine + Injury, we offer chiropractic adjustments to address pain and discomfort from musculoskeletal injuries. We serve patients in the North Denver Metro area from our clinic in Broomfield, Colorado.

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Doctors of Chiropractic treat over 27 million Americans annually. Chiropractic Adjustment is performed around 1 million times every business day in the US. In fact, Doctors of Chiropractic are used by all 32 National Football League Teams.

What to Expect from a Chiropractic Adjustment

Our patient care includes a total health approach. With each patient we conduct a free consultation that includes an in-depth health history and a conversation about symptoms and concerns. If chiropractic care is indicated, we then proceed to an examination, testing, x-rays if necessary and a full-report-of findings. We want to ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Our goal is to treat the source of your pain to promote optimum healing and recovery, not just mask the problem. Once we’ve determined the root cause of your pain, we customize your chiropractic treatment plan.

Chiropractic care is not “one size fits all”. Dr. Manteris’ personalized treatments focus on the specifics of your injury or condition. He doesn’t prescribe to a pre-set “care plan” of 24, 36 or 48 visits for all.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Chiropractic Adjustment Care?

Patients often visit our clinic due to pain and discomfort from common causes like neck pain as a result of bad posture from sitting over long periods of time in front of a computer or immediate issues like low back pain from shoveling snow or headaches from an automobile accident.

However, regardless of the cause, when a patient experiences pain, it indicates there is some degree of damage to the tissues. Often the source is damaged spinal ligaments. The muscles, tendons and facia that support the spinal column and its ligaments become dysfunctional. They no longer work properly and become involved as part of the injury.

Just like improperly stacked blocks, ligament damage and muscular dysfunction produce abnormal loading on the joints, including the discs. Chiropractic adjustments correct this abnormal loading, restore function to the muscles and allow the ligaments of the spine to heal.

These conditions resolve faster when chiropractic adjustments include other interventions, like therapeutic exercise and soft tissue mobilization. Any person experiencing back pain should consider a chiropractic consultation as a non-invasion option for pain relief.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Pain and discomfort from musculoskeletal injuries can keep you from living a full and active lifestyle. Chiropractic care, including chiropractic adjustments, offer an effective solution to heal your injuries and restore your health.

Chiropractic care offers an all-natural, non-invasive, drug-free alternative to surgery and prescription medications. With the increase in opioid addictions, chiropractic adjustments provide an effective alternative to pain medication. The underlying issue is addressed, and you get the relief without the unwanted dependence and side effects of prescription pain medication.

Chiropractic care can also improve your overall health, mobility & quality of life on a long-term basis. Instead of simply treating the symptoms, we look at the underlying cause of the issue to correct and heal your body.

Neck Pain Treatment Broomfield

Spinal Adjustments – A Key Part of Chiropractic Treatment

Many painful conditions relate to spinal health; therefore, spinal adjustments are the cornerstone of a patient’s customized care plan. In fact, the goal with this approach is to restore strength and vitality to injured areas improving functional health. We use the chiropractic adjustment and other care techniques to accomplish this goal.

Spinal adjustments correct misalignment problems to alleviate muscle and joint pain and restore range of motion. Adjustments also enhance neurological function throughout your entire body to promote the healing process.

The Importance of Spinal Health

  • 90% of all input to the brain comes from movement of the spinal joints.

  • 90% of the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, are dedicated to standing upright.

  • For every inch your head is forward, it adds 10 pounds of force to the neck. If you have two inches of forward head posture, this can result in 40-pounds of force on a structure that was never meant to carry that.

  • The spine is part of the nervous system, which runs everything in your body. Poor spinal health impacts your entire body.

  • Forward head posture impacts the cervical curve which can result in a 30% reduction in lung capacity. This has been associated with a shortened life span of 15 years.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Care You Can Trust

We often hear patients say they are concerned that once they start chiropractic care, they will have to go for the rest of their lives. We understand this concern. But we are not here to offer unnecessary treatment. We’re here to build trust and offer healing.

Just like going to the dentist to maintain the health of your teeth and avoid larger financial investments down the road, you maintain spinal health with chiropractic care. In fact, teeth are arguably the simplest bony structure in the body whereas your spine is the most complicated. If you want to maintain the health of your spine after your pain resolution, then you will want to continue to get adjustments periodically.

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Don’t let pain or discomfort keep you from living a full and active lifestyle. At Broomfield Spine + Injury, we offer healing through chiropractic adjustment and other complementary treatment options.

Every patient is different. Even if your symptoms appear like someone else’s, your condition is unique and requires a customized treatment plan. Some patients require only a few visits with a minimal investment and simple adjustments. While other patients require a longer more robust plan of care that includes adjustments, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue mobilization, spinal decompression, behavior modifications and occasionally referral and coordination with another healthcare provider.

However, with each patient, we take a traditional, biomechanical approach when we evaluate your case. Dr. Manteris has extensive training and experience diagnosing and treating pain and injuries. We believe in honest and open communication that builds patient trust. If chiropractic isn’t the right solution for your pain, we refer you to the best practitioner for your issue.

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