Covid-19 Antibody Screening Now Available

Covid-19 Antibody Screening

Broomfield Spine + Injury is offering antibody screening for the coronavirus to individuals who may have an active infection but are not presenting symptoms.  This screening is a way to find out if individuals have antibodies for an active or past infection.  If the screening returns “positive” the individual will be sent to a designated provider (MD or NP) to take a PCR test.

A PCR test will confirm if an individual is positive for active COVID-19.  Almost all tests have a margin of error and must be confirmed by other tests.  This screening is the most cost and time effective method to identify individuals who are potentially infected that do not have symptoms in order to remove them from the community, so they are not unknowingly spreading the virus.

This screening isn’t intended to imply that an individual is immune to future COVID-19 infection due to the presence of IgG antibodies.  The number of antibodies needed for immunity needs to be determined and how long individuals may have immunity is still being researched.

Note:  The antibody screening is a snapshot at this point and time and not a license to declare “I don’t have antibodies, so I’m safe to interact with “at-risk” individuals.  An individual can test negative, walk out of the clinic and touch an infected surface (i.e. a door handle, shopping cart or steering wheel) if that surface has the virus and the individual touches their eyes, nose or mouth – they are now infected literally right after the test.

We are providing individual tests on Tuesday mornings and all day on Friday in the clinic.   Tests are $95 at the time of service and consist of a simple finger prick.  Results are returned within 10 minutes.  The screening is economical and time efficient. For an individual appointment call our clinic at (720) 508-3982.  If an organization would like Dr Manteris to screen employees at their facilities, email