Knee Pain Treatment

What are the Risk Factors for Knee Pain?

Up to 45% of Americans report knee pain. Although the cause of the pain is often difficult to determine, knee pain impacts all ages. This includes teenagers and athletes as well as other adults. Both physical activity and excess body weight may contribute to knee pain.

Knee pain is seldom coming from the knee, unless it’s an injury. Chiropractors are structural specialists with the training to assess and diagnose of the actual cause of the dysfunction. Proper diagnosis allows for correction of the true issue.

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What Can Cause Knee Pain?

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, PFPS, is a blanket term for knee pain with unknown origin. Other conditions that cause knee pain include: chondromalacia patellae and patellar tendinopathy. Often, patients list arthritis as a cause of knee pain; however, there is a low correlation of osteoarthritis and pain.

Typically, abnormal mechanical forces cause knee pain. Several things can cause this:

  • Muscle imbalances that cause the patella to track or glide abnormally
  • Dysfunction of the ankle and foot joints cause forces to distribute unevenly up the kinematic chain
  • Mechanical dysfunction of the pelvis causing poor weight distribution down the kinematic chain

When you work with Dr. Manteris, he aims to diagnose the root cause of the pain to remedy the issue and restore pain free function.

How is Knee Pain Diagnosed?

Broomfield Spine + Injury offers knee pain treatment based on a traditional, biomechanical approach to chiropractic care. We begin with a free consultation to discuss your health history and concerns with Dr. Manteris. If he determines chiropractic care is appropriate, he will then perform testing, a thorough examination and x-rays (if necessary). Dr. Manteris will then provide a full report of findings and diagnosis and share a customized treatment plan designed to remedy the core issue.

When needed orthopedic examination and additional imaging (i.e. MRI) may be required to rule out fractures and other impact injuries.

Pain relief is important, but we don’t mask the pain with prescription drugs. Instead, we want to implement long term solutions for better overall health. That requires proper diagnosis.

How is Knee Pain Treated with Chiropractic Care?

To properly treat knee pain, we use chiropractic adjustments in combination with stretching and restorative exercises. This treatment protocol aims to strengthen the area, reduce inflammation and improve mobility, all with the goal of pain elimination.

We also provide IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) and recommend behavior modifications to offer pain relief and restore function.

We know our Colorado clients love being active. We use chiropractic care as a proven knee pain treatment to improve your quality of life and get you back to your favorite physical activities.

Broomfield Spine + Injury Offer Effective Knee Pain Treatment

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