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Headache Risk Factors and Causes

Headaches and migraines are among the most common disorders of the human nervous system worldwide. In the United States, over 15 percent of all adults complain about severe headaches or migraines, with prevalence among women more than twice as high as among men.

Interestingly, the prevalence of headaches among U.S. adults is distinctly higher among younger people than among those aged 65 years and older.  The most common headache disorder is tension-type headache. However, a headache is a symptom of a health issue and not the actual source of the pain.

Headaches manifest in a variety of different ways. Most people with mild headaches frequently experience pain and discomfort in one specific area of their head or in the space directly behind their eyes. On the other hand, patients with chronic tension headaches get a pounding sensation inside their whole head that makes it nearly impossible to focus on anything else.

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Common Causes of Headaches

A headache is your body’s way of signaling something is not working correctly. When trying to determine the root cause of headaches there are many factors we take into consideration.

  • Ligament damage in the cervical spine (neck)

  • Muscular strains

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

  • Pain or tightness in the neck muscles

  • Low blood sugar

  • High blood pressure

  • Physical or emotional stress

  • Fatigue

  • Dehydration

  • Drug reactions

Thankfully, very few headaches have serious underlying origins. When you have a headache, you want relief fast. Otherwise, normal activities become difficult to manage. The stress and strain of the pain can impact your overall health leading to additional issues.

The frequency of headaches created a vast market of medications that cover up the headache symptoms. These drugs usually provide temporary relief by numbing your nervous system to mask the pain. Although convenient, long term use can cause serious adverse internal health effects, such as kidney or liver damage. Additionally, they don’t fix the underlying cause of the headache. After the drugs wear off the headache returns.

A joint lacking proper range of motion can irritate the underlying nerves and blood vessels, causing extreme and reoccurring pain. However, with headaches the nerve irritation can be subtle, making it difficult to determine that the cause is actually a structural problem in the neck.

Even minor mechanical dysfunction in the spine can cause constriction in vessels, which supply blood and fresh oxygen to the brain, leading to a headache. If your headache is found to be a structural problem, we treat the issue with a series of adjustments to the dysfunctional joints in the neck and thoracic spine.

Chiropractic care provides an alternative to pain medication for headache relief. Our goal is to diagnose and address the true cause of the headache to improve the patient’s quality of life.

How Are Headaches Treated with Chiropractic Care?

During the initial fee consultation, we conduct an in-depth patient history and discuss your activities of daily living. This allows us to understand your lifestyle and health history to begin to diagnose the cause of your headaches. From there Dr. Manteris will perform testing and a thorough examination along with possible x-rays to create a full report of findings and a customized treatment plan. Each patient is unique. Therefore, our care is unique to your needs.

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor and the thought of having your neck “cracked” makes you anxious or nervous, don’t worry! We use a variety of techniques, including instrument adjusting, that allow for joint mobilization without the cracking and popping sounds and sensations often associated with a chiropractic adjustment.

Our chiropractic adjustments help restore spinal function, reduce nerve irritation and improve circulation and posture. The goal with chiropractic headache care is to address the source of the pain leading to relief, increased mobility and a better quality of life.


A migraine is much more than a headache it is a neurological disease with extremely incapacitating neurological symptoms. Attacks are often accompanied by one or more of the following disabling symptoms: visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to sound, light, touch and smell, and tingling or numbness in the extremities or face.

Migraines – Risk Factors, Causes and Diagnosis

Migraine is an extraordinarily prevalent neurological disease, affecting 39 million men, women and children in the U.S. and 1 billion worldwide.

12% of the population, including children, suffer from migraines. Additionally, 90% of people who do suffer from migraines are unable to work or function normally while experiencing a migraine.

The causes of migraines are difficult to determine. Many patients identify triggers for their migraines, including food or chemical sensitivities, stress, hormonal changes, low blood sugar, altitude transitions and more.

For migraine diagnosis, we begin with a free consultation to obtain a full medical history and learn more about the onset of type of migraines you are experiencing. If Dr Manteris determines chiropractic is the correct course of care, he will then proceed to additional testing, an examination and may take x-rays to provide all the data he needs for an accurate diagnosis and to create the appropriate treatment plan.

Patients sometimes assume they have migraines because they experience very painful headaches. However, in many cases these are not migraines. Proper diagnosis is important to categorize your type of headache or migraine, to determine the best treatment options and addressing the underlying issues.

Chiropractic Migraine Treatment

We find excellent results using chiropractic adjustments to address the structure of the neck. We also frequently recommend lifestyle changes, including better office ergonomics, drinking more water, consuming less sugar and other specific advice based on the patient.

With chiropractic treatment patients are often pleased to find decreased frequency and intensity for their headaches or migraines. While chiropractic care does not cure migraines, it can offer relief from pain without prescription medications.

Broomfield Spine + Injury Offers Headache and Migraine Relief

At Broomfield Spine + Injury, we believe pain doesn’t have to control your life. Instead, we offer migraine relief and headache treatment through chiropractic adjustments and other complementary treatment options.

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